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Survey Results

1. Existing facilities related with fishery industries etc.

(a) Fishing facilities and existing fishing boats (Size) and fishery method.
  1.  The type of fisheries in Myanmar is determined by nature of catch. It can be classified into freshwater fisheries and marine fisheries. Freshwater fisheries consists of (a) fish culture, (b) leasable, (c) open fisheries. Marine fisheries include (a) inshore fisheries and (b) off-shore fisheries.
  2. In the inshore fisheries, the fishing boats operate within from shoreline to (5) nautical miles in the northern area, (10) nautical miles in the Southern area. In this area, the fishing boat which by traditional type with not more than 30 feet long or using less than a 12HP engine power, operate for fishing. The fishing gears for using are driftnet, gillnet and long line.
  3. In offshore fisheries, the offshore fishing vessels operate beyond from outer limit of the inshore fishing zone to the Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ). The fishing vessels are more than 30 feet long or using more than 12HP engine operating in offshore area. In this area, the commercial fishing gears are trawl net, purse seine, and long line.


(b) Logistics facilities. Port facility (fish unloading and fish export), land transportation facilities.
  • Fishing ground to Jetty of Yangon City by Carrier Vessels.
  • There are eight Jetties for unloading of fish such as Pazundaung Creek. Jetty, Kyee Myin Taing Jetty. Fishing Department Jetty and NPL Jetty.
  • For export Cargos of Containers were carried by Containers vehicle by Factories to ports such as (Asia World, MIP and MITT).


2. Existing fish farming facilities and candidates of fish farming sites.

(a) Existing fish farming facilities on the sea
  • There were (2) two fish farming area Tanintharyi Division and Rakhine Division.
  • In this regions, fish farming groups were breaded Grouper and Sea Prawn.


(b) Existing fish farming facilities on the Rivers and lakes.
  • There were no breeding system in rivers.
  • In Myanmar practice, fresh water fish farming groups are established in Irrawaddy Division & Yangon Division.
  • The farming groups were breaded (Rohu, Mrigal, Katla, Tilapia & Catfish).


(c) The sites where are expected to be candidates of fish farming in the futures.
  • In futures, fish farming groups were expected to sea water fish breeding such as black tiger prawn and sea water fish fish and Prawn.


(d) Study or development centers organizations such as fishery laboratories and aqua culture centers.
  • In Mon state, Kyeik Kamee Township near setse beach, fish laboratories and aqua culture centre were established in 1980.


3. Possibilities of fish processing plants with cold chain.

(a) The area where we can establish the plants to proceed and freeze and even to promote bonded processing of fish from othercountries.
  • It can establish the plants to proceed and freeze in Yangon Division, there where more over 70 cold store factories which 200 Tons  to 6000 Tons and the area for cold store was according to the quantity, some of these factories can do the CMP system.


4. Lectures to understand present fishery industry and also fish farming industry

(a) Statistics of present catch (area, kinds of fish quantity, fishing, method wise).
  • Fishing area were 3 regions – * Rakhine * Ayeyarwaddy,* Tanintharyi.
  • In this fihsing ground, Ribbon fish, Croaker, White Pomfret, Threadfin Bean were catched in this area.


(b) The present status of fish farming (kinds  of fish, area, fish farming  method,feeding quantity production of species / seeds)
  •  In fish farming groups, there were 5 types of fish farming namely Rohu,Mrigal,Ktala,Tilapia, Catfish.
  •  Location of fish farming area were Yangon and Ayeyarwaddy Division.
  •  Fish farming groups were used fish meal for feeding.


(c) Existing Rules and Regulation about fishery industry and fish farming.
  • According to the rules and regulation of Department of fisheries( DOF).


5.Present situation of fishery products market in Myanmar.

(a) Market and retail shop and restaurants.
  • For export market (1) Sea water fish (China, Singapore, Thailand) (2) Fresh water fish ( Middle East Countries, Bangladesh)
  • For local market (1) All super market and seafood restaurant located in Yangon and neighboring area (2) Other states and Division